PSP's Tan Cheng Bock voted out as Sec-Gen after alleged party infighting

Chairman role is basically a glorified flower pot

OP-ED: Concerns about changing the government policy of religious symbols and attire

"If the government changes the policy of nurses wearing tudung now, will it make more concessions in the future?"

OP-ED: Don't compromise public service for the needs and wants of religion

"The exercise of a person's religious or cultural needs should not extend or infringe upon the boundaries of public service."

Closed-door discussions on tudung bearing fruit; nurses may wear tudung soon

"When the discussions are completed, the Government will announce its decision.”

NUS grad contributes to school's sterling reputation for sexual-related crimes

He stole a fellow female undergrad's sex toys and offered to be her "friend with benefits"






工人党议员莫哈默·费沙(Faisal Manap)、人民行动党议员马善高(Masagos Zulkifli)和孟理齐(Maliki Osman)继续就如何处理这些敏感问题展开辩论。

How did Singapore pull off its US$19 billion coronavirus Jobs Support Scheme?

During lockdown, the city was paying 75 per cent of the first S$4,600 earned by every Singaporean and permanent resident each month. The support, which dwarfed schemes in Malaysia and Hong Kong, was made possible by Singapore’s giant reserves, compact size and prescient leaders

Government’s secular stand on issue of wearing tudungs with public service uniforms has been ‘consistently clear’: Masagos

The Government's approach to dealing with sensitive issues like the wearing of tudung is to discuss them behind closed doors, says the Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs.

Budget debate: Masagos, Maliki caution against open discussion of sensitive issues like tudung

Open discussion may have an impact on religious harmony, they said

Laws to counter terrorism strengthened over the years

Singapore has been strengthening its laws over the years to meet the persistent threat of terrorism, said Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan.

Extreme Right-Wing Ideology Arrives in Singapore

A recent arrest suggests that the city-state should broaden and diversify its efforts to combat violent extremism.

20-year-old detained under ISA after planning to attack Jews at a Waterloo Street synagogue

Amirull Ali, a self-radicalised Singaporean, also intended to travel to Gaza to join the HAMAS military wing’s fight against Israel.



Etonhouse heir Ng Yi Sheng on why he protested for LGBT-rights at MOE

Ng Yi Sheng, the son of famed EtonHouse founder Ng Gim Choo, published his thoughts on why he protested for LGBT-rights at MOE.

Kranji Woodland was formerly a barren land back in 2008 based on satellite images

Based on satellite images, a would-be forest begin to form only in late-2012 to mid-2013.





Eyewitness: Car was speeding along Tanjong Pagar Road - 5 killed in fiery crash

White BMW was seen speeding along Tanjong Pagar road.

Here are the 7 types of serious crimes where TraceTogether data can be used for investigations

The legislation will be introduced in the next sitting of Parliament next month.

Australian govt has a history of sharing citizens' data covertly despite laws prohibiting it

Australia may have passed a law giving better privacy safeguards to protect its citizen's contact tracing data but given the Australian government's track record in citizens' surveillance, observers questioned if the new law is merely a smokescreen for increased covert surveillance.



‘They thought I was an office spy’: The NUS graduate who’s working as a cleaner

SINGAPORE — Last October, Ms Naomi Wu picked up a toilet brush for the first time in her life.

Why female genital mutilation persists in Singapore

Female genital mutilation is considered a violation of human rights by the UN, and is illegal in many countries. The procedure still happens in Singapore, where an estimated 60 per cent of Malay women have been cut.



S’porean Woman Saves Man From Suicide But Receives Negative Remarks From Family & Friends

Humanity comes in many forms and knows no colours. This was showcased in a heroic act carried out by a 23-year-old Singaporean girl. She took to the NUSWhispers to anonymously share how she had saved a man from committing suicide, and all it took was a hug. She wrote, “I was taking the train home





Only 3 in 10 victims of sexual harassment in Singapore report the incident

According to the first national survey conducted in Singapore regarding sexual harassment, two in five workers in the country report being sexually harassed at the workplace in the past five years.


Perikatan Nasional最近批准将武吉免登皇家朱兰(Royale Chulan Bukit Bintang)酒店以九折的价格出售给另一家新加坡公司。

Commentary: KL-Singapore HSR termination risks Malaysia falling behind on transport connectivity

The Kuala Lumpur-Singapore High-Speed rail may have been terminated. This isn’t the end of the line but a signal that better processes are needed, says Stewart Nixon.

"Flooding" in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park? It's called a Bioswale.

Bioswales are landscaping features that collect polluted stormwater runoff.

Authorities working with popular Seletar petting farm in Singapore to rehome animals, find alternative sites

Singapore authorities are working with a popular petting farm in Seletar, which is closing its doors after two decades to make way for new roads, to rehome its animals and find alternative premises for its pet-related businesses.

Preschool teacher sacked after handling boy, 4, in rough manner

A teacher at a preschool in Ang Mo Kio was immediately sacked after she was found to have physically mishandled a 4 year old pupil.

Philip Jeyaretnam appointed Supreme Court judicial commissioner

Mr Philip Jeyaretnam has been appointed as a judicial commissioner of the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) said on Monday

Robot vacuum cleaners can be used by hackers to 'spy' on private conversations: NUS study

Your robot vacuum cleaner could be picking up private conversations along with the dust and dirt in your home says computer scientists from the National University of Singapore

94-year-old among nearly 90 people hauled up in anti-crime operation in Geylang

A 94-year-old was among nearly 90 people hauled up for various offences in a multi-agency operation this week to clamp down on criminal

Waterspout seen off southern Singapore on Sunday afternoon

A waterspout was seen off the southern coast of Singapore on Sunday (Dec 6) afternoon amid rainy and stormy weather. Photos provided

Lee Hsien Yang bails on TOC's Terry Xu, leaving him to fend for himself

Terry Xu had lunch with Lee Hsien Yang and his wife, Lee Suet Fern on November 4, a few hours before Xu filed a letter with the High Court to discontinue third-party proceedings.

'My own choice,' says Malaysian woman found sleeping rough in Singapore

SINGAPORE: “I have a home, but I like it this way. It is my own choice.”













Pritam Singh呼吁政府考虑实施1300新元的全民最低工资标准








An inside look into the life of Lee Suet Fern, wife of Lee Hsien Yang

Lee Kuan Yew's daughter-in-law Lee Suet Fern spills the beans on her personal life in a recent Yahoo! interview - a rare moment for the self-confessed shy and reserved person. Among other things, Suet Fern also took the opportunity to throw shade at PM Lee by proclaiming her son's (Li Shengwu) birth as the "biggest event for them (LKY & wife) on a personal level - since LKY had always wanted a grandson - ...It felt to them like a first, although my brother-in-law did have a son with his first wife."


李光耀的儿媳林学芬在最近的一次雅虎访谈上透露了她的个人生活。对于这个自认害羞和矜持的人来说,这是个难得的机会。 除此之外,林学芬还借此机会给李显龙泼了一盆冷水,她宣称儿子(李绳武)的出生是“他们(李光耀和妻子)从个人角度来说最大的事——因为李光耀一直想要个孙子……虽然我姐夫和他的第一任妻子有个儿子,但对他们来说感觉像是头一次有孙子。”



Has the PAP government become 'decadent'? Yes, according to NUS Assoc Prof

Decadence - a term used promiscuously but rarely precisely

警方控告New Naratif违反了《议会选举法》




Police issue stern warning to Workers' Party MP Raeesah Khan over online comments on race, religion

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has issued a stern warning to Workers' Party (WP) Member of Parliament Raeesah Khan over comments she

Singapore welcomes talks with Hong Kong on resuming cross-border travel

Hong Kong is already in talks with Japan and Thailand on the resumption of travel.

More retired sniffer dogs find homes in HDB flats

Labradors, springer spaniels, cocker spaniels and pointers are the breeds currently eligible for adoption under the scheme.

Lucky Plaza businesses petition authorities to remove odd-entry restrictions on weekends

At least two petitions calling for the restrictions to be reversed have been created, as some businesses say they have been struggling to break-even since the rules were imposed.

Did LKY chided Law Society over AGC Lucien Wong case in 1986 as implied by LHY?

Cherry-picking used to be a honest farming job back in the day.