OP-ED: PSP's Leong Mun Wai brand of destructive politics have no place in Singapore

For Singapore's politics to move forward, we should engage in constructive, fact-based political discourse.

PSP's Leong regrets that HDB's SERS is not a windfall for residents to profit from

Leong claims that Singaporeans have come to associate "en bloc" with windfalls and new homes so the SERS exercise in AMK where residents have to top up cash for a new flat is unprecendented.

377A: Worker's Party inability to make tough decisions collectively puts into question their ability to govern

Hard decisions have to be made in government. It is not a question of opposition, but about administration. If a political party cannot take a stand, then how can we expect them to administer our social order if they are in power?

AHTC wilfully entrusted town council management to party supporters despite conflicts of interest

Cronyism? AHTC's Danny Loh and How Weng Fan - both longtime Workers' Party supporters - approved payments from the town council to their own companies where they wer also the majority owners.