Raeesah says she was sexually assaulted at 18 but previously claimed it was her housemate

Workers’ Party Member of Parliament Raeesah Khan revealed in Parliament on Monday (Nov 1) that she was a victim of sexual assault when she was 18 and studying abroad.

“That assault has traumatised me, till this day. The fear and shame accompanying sexual assault is extreme and long lasting, as it has been, and still is, for me.”

Raeesah continued:

“Unlike the survivor whose anecdote I shared in this House, I did not have the courage to report my own assault, yet as a survivor, I wanted so deeply to speak up and also share the account I had heard when speaking on the motion without revealing my own private experience.”

Raeesah Khan claims housemate was raped

Raeesah claimed in a now-deleted Facebook post published on May 27 this year about how she was affected by an incident where her housemate in university “was raped in the very house” they shared.

The rape incident was believed to have happened sometime between 2011 and 2015 when Raeesah was pursuing her studies at Murdoch University in Australia, aged between 17 to 21.

Her claims of being sexually assaulted happened when she was 18 – 2011/2012.

Does Raeesah Khan suffers from an inferiority complex?

Raeesah has a history of exaggerating incidents to her whims and fancies, usually triggered by an unrelated event that she wants to emotionally relate to due to her perceived inadequacies about her self-esteem and insecurities.

In Sept 2012, another unrelated national event happened in Australia – the rape and murder of Jill Meagher.

In the same period, Murdorch university students took to the streets to demand an end to violence against women at home and on the street.

The university’s Guild president Bec Thompson who was also Raeesah’s predecessor, attended the demonstration. Fathership understands that Raeesah also participated in the walk.

Could the murder of Jill Meagher triggered an imaginary “#metoo” moment for Raeesah?

Going by Raeesah’s track record of repeated breach of trust, one could only proffer a thought that the only assault that happened is the assault on truth.

What do you think?

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