Singaporeans: If you commit serious crimes, you deserve to die

There is "a strong bedrock of support" from Singaporeans for the death penalty.

Singapore parliament to debate gay sex and definition of marriage

Things heating up in Parliament come November 28.

Li Shengwu has been passively (and not so secretly) building up his political profile

Li Shengwu getting more facetime in political commentary than Li Hongyi

Source: Lee Hsien Yang not interested in Presidency, but in Prime Minister-ship

Fathership tracked down Asia Sentinel's source: the anonymous "hedge fund manager" for comments.

On press freedom: It took Lee Kuan Yew's death for his grandnephew Li Shengwu to grow a pair and find his voice

Where were Shengwu's kahoonas when Lee Kuan Yew was censoring press freedom?