World’s clearest UFO photo revealed after being hidden for 30 years

In 2022, a photograph known as the ‘Calvine Photograph,’ touted as the world’s clearest UFO image, was publicly disclosed after remaining hidden for three decades.

Captured by two unnamed hikers in the Scottish Highlands, this exceptional image showcases a diamond-shaped object with a fighter jet trailing at a distance, sparking intrigue and mystery around its origins and the circumstances of its concealment.

Rediscovery in 2024

The photograph was originally taken to the Daily Record newspaper by the hikers, who subsequently forwarded it to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), leading to its disappearance from public view.

The rediscovery was made possible by Dr David Clarke, an academic and journalist, who, after extensive research, located a copy of the photo with Craig Lindsay, a former RAF press officer.

Lindsay retained the photo in the original envelope, facilitating its eventual release.

Dr Clarke, alongside Vinnie Adams of UAP Media UK, has ensured the photo’s preservation in Sheffield Hallam University’s archives.

Reigniting interest

The disclosure of the Calvine Photograph has been met with enthusiasm and a call for more information regarding the mysterious hikers.

Vinnie Adams expressed the significance of unveiling this photo, highlighting the effort and dedication involved in bringing it to light.

The photo stands as a pivotal moment in UFO documentation, challenging the typical narrative of unclear and disputable sightings.

Other notable sightings

The article also references an unrelated event where Dr Sebastian Voltmer, an astronomer and astrophotographer, captured an unidentified fast-moving object crossing the moon on 16 March.

Despite Voltmer’s expertise and analysis, the nature of the object remains unexplained, adding another layer to the ongoing discussion and curiosity surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena.

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