4.7 million Mongolian livestock perished due to harsh winter

Mongolia is experiencing the worst winter conditions in 50 years.

More than 4.7 million animals have died in Mongolia due to severe winter conditions, as reported by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

The country is enduring its harshest winter in 50 years, affecting 76% of the territory with phenomena known as Iron Dzud and White Dzud, severely limiting livestock’s access to food and water.

Impact on families and livestock

The IFRC has noted that over 7,000 families are now facing acute food shortages, while more than 1,000 herder households have seen their traditional homes and shelters buried under snow.

A significant number of families, 2,257, have lost over 70% of their livestock, highlighting the urgent need for basic health services, as well as fuel and coal.

Since February, livestock deaths have soared by 75%, severely undermining Mongolia’s food security.

Red Cross emergency response

In response to the dire situation, the Red Cross is actively working to provide emergency aid.

The Mongolian Red Cross Society, with the support of its partners, is dedicated to delivering humanitarian assistance to those affected.

An Emergency Appeal has been launched by the IFRC with a goal of raising $5 million to support 10,000 herder families through cash assistance. Olga Dzhumaeva, the IFRC Asia Delegation Head, emphasized the critical need for support, given the escalating livestock deaths, diminishing resources, and the deteriorating condition of many Mongolians this winter.

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