2 teens dealt with under ISA; 15-year-old student is youngest-ever detainee

Singapore detains two teenagers for terrorist-related activities. A 15-year-old had self-radicalised and was planning knife attacks and beheadings, while a 16-year-old supported an Islamic caliphate through violence. Both were exposed to ISIS propaganda.

Anglican Church in S'pore 'deeply disappointed' with Church of England's decision to bless same-sex couples

The Anglican Church in Singapore has expressed its disappointment after the Church of England allowed the blessing of same-sex unions, arguing that it is not supported by the Bible.

Private driving instructor gets jail for molesting student while teaching her

A private driving instructor in Singapore has been sentenced to six months in jail for molesting his student during a lesson. The victim had taken 24 manual driving lessons from the instructor before reporting the incident to the police in 2020.

'You trying to compare to locals?' Expat shares his $5,000 monthly expenditure, gets criticised for showing off

Expat Gregory Andrle from the US lives in Singapore for under $5,000/month in a one-bed condo, covering expenses including rent, bills, food, gym, transportation, and travel. He's adjusted to the high cost of living and grateful for the amazing experience in the city-state.

Japanese Expats Spend Hours Clearing Trash In S’pore, Praised For Keeping Our City Clean

Japanese expats cleaned up trash at East Coast Park, Chinatown, and Japanese Garden in Singapore. Cost of living high but praised mix of cultures and safe streets. Cleaning documented by YouTuber Ghib Ojisan, who urges Singaporeans to volunteer or donate to organizations for a cleaner city.

#trending: Angry China netizens say S'pore waxing chain 'belittles' women by using orangutan in hair removal ads

Strip: Ministry of Wax, a Singapore-based hair removal chain, faced criticism in China for ads implying that women with body hair are like orangutans. The ads were met with disapproval on Weibo and Douyin. The company has since apologized and stated it will remove the orangutan image from its campaigns in China to avoid further misunderstandings.

PSP 住屋计划: 可负担住房还是昂贵的租赁计划?

PSP 住屋计划可能无意中让现金充裕者受益,但使穷人处于更加劣势的状况。

老婆气愤喊告男子隐瞒 中1000万大奖 竟把钱转给前妻买房 copy