Ferrari from Singapore crashes into car in Johor, causing injuries to 4 Malaysians

Singapore-registered Ferrari crashes into Toyota on Malaysia's North-South Expressway; four Malaysians injured, police investigating.



Lee Hsien Yang carrying out another publicity stunt to teabag brother

In 2020, he joined the opposition Progress Singapore Party and teased Singaporeans for months with the idea of competing against his brother in elections in what critics called a publicity stunt. He eventually backed down, stating on Facebook that "Singapore doesn't need another Lee."

Escape from the Lion City: S'pore's Bony & Clyde on the run

Case bears similarity to former Workers' Party MP Raeesah Khan who rejected police interviews but was later found guilty of lying in parliament

Sudhir Vadaketh claims he was impartial but was alleged to be bankrolled by Lee Hsien Yang

According to Fathership's source, Sudhir interviewed Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Suet Fern, albeit informally, over dinner in late 2020, specifically on October of that year. It was during this time that Sudhir started writing his e-book.

WP希望增加收入以抵消消费税(GST)的上涨; PAP解释为什么不能这么做


国防预算:国家机密只可独立审计,而非公众审查 - 这是有充分理由的