Ridout Rd bungalows: One man's home is another man's green eyes

Public officers, while they hold positions of power and responsibility, are private citizens too.

Former NMP Viswa Sadasivan calls for respectful discourse in parliament - an advice he should heed himself?

Viswa Sadasivan, former Nominated Member of Parliament, recently advocated for respectful political discourse, a position that stands in stark contrast to his past conduct.

Cancer-causing substance found in Bee Cheng Hiang bak kwa but Singapore Food Agency say no worries

Consumer Council in Hong Kong found high levels of potentially carcinogenic PAHs in Bee Cheng Hiang's bak kwa, a popular jerky snack in Singapore. Singapore Food Agency assures moderate consumption is safe, but the snack's high fat and sugar content makes it an unhealthy choice.

Man uses drones to propose marriage near Marina Bay Sands as love literally in the air

Read about a modern and creative marriage proposal that took place in Singapore using drones. The proposal was caught on video and uploaded on TikTok, showing hearts, a diamond ring, and the couple's names before asking the important question.

2 Youths Seen Vaping & Smoking In Sentosa Cable Car, Operator Makes Police Report

Sentosa Cable Car operator makes police report against youths seen vaping and smoking in a TikTok video. Vaping is illegal in Singapore, and smoking is prohibited in cable car cabins.

He could brush his teeth only at 10. Now 13, this S’porean is a music honours student at a top Aussie uni

Nathanael Koh, a 12-year-old boy from Singapore, is enrolled in an honours programme at Australia's top university. Despite global developmental delay, he scored high marks and completed a Bachelor of Music programme in just two years. He enjoys swimming, cycling, and composing music for ensembles.

Ferrari from Singapore crashes into car in Johor, causing injuries to 4 Malaysians

Singapore-registered Ferrari crashes into Toyota on Malaysia's North-South Expressway; four Malaysians injured, police investigating.