Former president of AWARE implies it’s okay for Pritam to lie for the greater good

Former president of closet feminazi group AWARE has spoken out against the condemnation of Workers’ Party secretary-general Pritam Singh.

Dana Lam, who was President of the women’s rights group from 2000-2002 and from 2009-2010, beseeched the government to stop “prosecuting Mr Pritam Singh” in a Facebook post published yesterday (Feb 16).

According to her, Pritam’s contribution in Parliament and conduuct under pressure is “beyond reproach” and that the continued spotlight on Pritam is “jeorpardising the good standing of an active citizen and decent parliamentarian…”

Dana’s post follows the Committee of Privileges report that recommended the leader of the opposition to be referred to the Public Prosecutor for futher investigations, “with a view to considering if criminal proceedings ought to be instituted”.

Dana: Police bad, Pritam good

In making her point about Pritam as an upstanding politician, Dana threw shade at the Police by implying that they are often insensitive when dealing with sexual assault victims.

“This (police insensitivity) is not an uncommon complaint as anyone who has worked with (the) victims can testity,” she said.

She added, “In fact, it has been the work of generations of activists to bring attention to this and to make things better by offering sensitivity training to the police force.”

More puzzlingly, Dana seems to drive home the point that former MP Raeesah Khan’s lie is grounded in truth, therefore, Pritam’s decision to withhold knowledge of Raeesah’s dishonesty from Parliament is not as serious a transgression. She suggests that Pritam’s actions was a necessary evil for the greater good.

Ironically, she did not mention the fact that Pritam had used mental health issues as a smear against Raeesah, to explain away his own conduct and lies to the COP.

Netizens slam Dana Lim for political bias

Not everyone agreed with Dana. Some netizens called her out for placing her political bias before the rights of women and ignoring the fact that Pritam lied under oath.


The committee had on Thursday released its final report on a complaint made against former WP Member of Parliament Raeesah Khan for lying in Parliament about a sexual assault case. It recommended that she be fined S$35,000 for telling a false anecdote in Parliament on Aug 3 last year and repeating it on Oct 4 that year.

The committee also recommended that Mr Pritam, who is Leader of the Opposition, as well as Mr Faisal be referred to the Public Prosecutor for possible criminal charges, saying it was “satisfied” that they were untruthful while testifying under oath.

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