Woman “Feels Insulted” After Receiving RM30 Ang Pow & Old Notes From Boyfriend’s Mum

A boyfriend in Singapore took to social media to express his frustration with his girlfriend’s attitude after she complained about receiving a SGD10 (RM30) red envelope from his mother during the Lunar New Year celebration. The couple had traveled to the boyfriend’s hometown in Johor Bahru to celebrate with his family. His mother had handed out red envelopes containing SGD10 to the entire family. The girlfriend was dissatisfied with the amount and also with the fact that the mother used old bank notes instead of new ones. The boyfriend explained that his parents were retired and couldn’t afford to give large amounts. However, the girlfriend accused him of taking his parents’ side and brushed aside her feelings. Netizens were appalled by the girlfriend’s attitude and many defended the boyfriend’s parents, saying that individuals should give whatever amount they are comfortable with.

Source: Says

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