PSP members taken aback with Dr. Tan Cheng Bock's endorsement of Tan Kin Lian

Aug 28, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

Dr. Tan Cheng Bock's endorsement of Tan Kin Lian for the presidency has sent shockwaves through the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), leaving members and supporters questioning the wisdom of such a move. Dr. Tan, the party's founding Secretary-General and current Chairman, is no political novice. Yet, his endorsement has fractured the party's unity and left its electoral future hanging in the balance.

Tan Cheng Bock: Acting in "personal capacity"

Dr. Tan insists he endorsed Tan Kin Lian in his "personal capacity," arguing that the presidency should be "apolitical." But this semantic distinction has done little to quell the storm of controversy, especially given Tan Kin Lian's history of divisive social media commentary.

The endorsement has triggered a crisis within the PSP, with members openly worrying about alienating key voter groups—women, minorities, and the LGBTQ+ community.

When pressed on the potential fallout, Dr. Tan offered a vague assurance: "Singaporean voters will evaluate how the PSP has performed, and we aim to do our best." But is "doing our best" enough?

When asked about the possible effects of his endorsement on the PSP's electoral chances, Dr. Tan acknowledged the complexities of political decision-making. "I want to believe that Singaporean voters in the coming years will evaluate how the PSP has performed, and we aim to perform to the best of our ability," he said.

Are Leong Mun Wai and Hazel Poa Just Cannon Fodders?

Leong Mun Wai and Hazel Poa have been notable contributors to the PSP's efforts in Parliament. Both have focused on key issues that resonate with Singaporeans, although Leong has been especially known for his provocative style. Dr. Tan's endorsement raises questions about whether their hard-earned achievements could be overshadowed.

Lee Hsien Yang, another prominent PSP member, has been notably quiet about the endorsement. Known for his outspoken nature on significant national issues, his silence raises questions. Lee Hsien Yang joined the PSP to effect political change, and his opinions are highly regarded within the party, despite some waning influence among the general electorate.

PSP's shadow media vehicle "Wake Up Singapore" questioning Tan Cheng Bock's moves

Wake Up Singapore, a platform that has traditionally served as a friendly mouthpiece for the PSP, has openly questioned the wisdom of Dr. Tan Cheng Bock's endorsement of Tan Kin Lian. The platform, known for its pro-PSP stance, argues that voters are unlikely to be swayed by Dr. Tan's endorsement, casting doubt on its effectiveness and raising concerns about its potential to backfire.

The skepticism from Wake Up Singapore is particularly noteworthy given its usual alignment with PSP policies and leaders. This divergence from the party line suggests a deeper undercurrent of discontent and raises questions about the unity and strategic direction of the PSP. If a platform as closely aligned with the PSP as Wake Up Singapore is expressing reservations, it's a strong indicator that the endorsement has not only divided public opinion but also shaken the party's internal consensus.

The platform's questioning of Dr. Tan's decision adds another layer of complexity to the PSP's current dilemma, making it clear that the repercussions of this endorsement could be far-reaching, affecting not just the party's standing in the eyes of the public, but also its internal cohesion and future electoral strategy.

PSP's Dilemma

The PSP has been making strides, especially in the West Coast GRC where they narrowly lost to the ruling PAP in the 2020 General Elections. The party has been diligently building its voter base and focusing on key issues like HDB policy. Dr. Tan's endorsement has led to internal discussions about its potential impact on the party's progress.

The public's reaction to this development will be crucial. Dr. Tan has a significant following, and any drastic action could lead to public backlash. On the flip side, his recent endorsement has already stirred some negative sentiment among certain voter groups.

The PSP is at a crossroads that will likely influence its future. The party must carefully consider the immediate and long-term consequences of this endorsement. As the PSP navigates this delicate situation, it's evident that the outcome will have implications not just for the party but also for Singapore's broader political landscape.

Should the actions of a party's leader overshadow the hard work and contributions of its other members?

Will Dr. Tan Cheng Bock's endorsement have a lasting impact on the PSP's electoral chances, or will it be forgotten by the time the next elections roll around?

But Singaporeans generally are not forgetful.

Note: This article reflects the sentiments within the PSP and its supporter base but has not been officially confirmed by the party.

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警员死亡案: 种族歧视字眼并非针对他,除一 名上司 "不专业",其他说法皆不实

Feb 07, 2024 | 🚀 Fathership AI

新加坡警察部队(SPF)已向内政部(MHA)提交了有关警官尤瓦拉贾(Uvaraja S/O Gopal)自杀事件的所有调查结果。

2024 年 2 月 6 日,内政部长尚穆根在国会公布了调查结果,他在部长声明中说,尤瓦拉贾对新加坡警察部队的一些指控属实。





2023 年 7 月 21 日,尤瓦拉贾被发现在义顺组屋楼下一动不动,没有生命迹象。


尤瓦拉贾在帖子中描述了他在工作场所受到欺凌和排挤的情况,声称他遭受种族歧视,并经历了 "恶毒的工作文化"。


尚穆根说,警方记录显示,尤瓦拉贾确实在 2015 年提出过投诉,当时也进行了内部调查。



他指出,这些言论是否针对 尤瓦拉贾并不重要,重要的是 "这些言论过去和现在都是不可接受的"。


尤瓦拉贾的上司向团队明确表示,不能使用这种语言,即使是开玩笑也不行,说这种话的警员立即向 尤瓦拉贾道了歉。


尤瓦拉贾的上司提出可以对这名警员提出正式投诉,但 尤瓦拉贾 拒绝进一步投诉。



尤瓦拉贾声称他的上级在 2019 年撕毁了他的请假单,并将这一行为的视频上传到了团队的群聊中。



调查显示,尤瓦拉贾的上司告诉他,他 "给整个团队带来了不便",但尤瓦拉贾没有撤回休假申请,并在私人聊天中要求上司结束谈话。

这位上司随后录下了自己撕碎 尤瓦拉贾请假单的视频,并将他这样做的视频上传到了团队聊天室。







尤瓦拉贾还声称,2021 年,他揭发了被他抓到吸电子烟的警官,但案件被 "掩盖 "了。




在 2023 年 1 月的另一起事件中,尤瓦拉贾举报他的一些同事在警署吸烟。




尤瓦拉贾声称,他从未得到过上级的良好评价,而且由于 "人力问题",上级不允许他调离岗位。



在 9 年时间里,尤瓦拉贾被调往 6 个不同的工作单位,尚穆根说,这是相当多的职位调动。


调查还发现,他的工作能力获得公平的评估。他还被授予 Covid-19贡献奖章。

同事 "抵制 "他的婚礼并非事实

据尚穆根称,尤瓦拉贾声称同事们 "抵制 "他的婚礼的说法也不属实。






他还因在 2023 年 7 月一次不服从命令,而受到内部纪律调查。他当时拿了病假却离开家里。


2023 年 4 月,尤瓦拉贾又一次接受内部纪律调查,原因是他不服从命令,未完成工作且擅离职守。当被要求返回完成任务时,他也拒绝服从。

每年休病假超过 50 天

尚穆根指出,2016 年、2017 年、2021 年、2022 年和 2023 年,乌瓦拉贾分别休了 70 天、56 天、59 天、80 天和 60 天的病假。

2015 年、2016 年和 2022 年,他还休了 100 多天的无薪假。

尚穆根表示,警察部队为满足 尤瓦拉贾的需求,包括他的休假和医疗需求,付出不少努力。








不过,对于 尤瓦拉贾的案件,他说调查结果与 尤瓦拉贾在帖子中的指控 "截然不同"。


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