Pritam Singh, Stones and Glasshouses: Provocateur or troll?

While Pritam Singh's criticisms of the PAP's handling of recent scandals are not without merit, his own handling of issues within the Workers' Party has shown that political leaders on both sides are grappling with similar challenges. The question is, who had a better resolution?

#Ridoutgate or much ado about nothing? CPIB clears allegation of Ministers wrongdoing

The rentals of two colonial bungalows by Ministers Shanmugam and Balakrishnan sparked allegations of preferential treatment. Investigations, however, cleared the ministers of any misconduct.

Ridout Rd bungalows: One man's home is another man's green eyes

Public officers, while they hold positions of power and responsibility, are private citizens too.



Lee Hsien Yang carrying out another publicity stunt to teabag brother

In 2020, he joined the opposition Progress Singapore Party and teased Singaporeans for months with the idea of competing against his brother in elections in what critics called a publicity stunt. He eventually backed down, stating on Facebook that "Singapore doesn't need another Lee."

Escape from the Lion City: S'pore's Bony & Clyde on the run

Case bears similarity to former Workers' Party MP Raeesah Khan who rejected police interviews but was later found guilty of lying in parliament