Indonesian Man Stabs Housemate To Death For Calling Him “Handsome”

An Indonesian man stabbed his housemate to death in the Siak Regency, Riau after his housemate called him ‘handsome’.

According to Siak Police Chief AKBP Gunar Rahadyanto, the 45-year-old suspect with the initials KS, was offended when his housemate, Susiato alias Yanto, told him that he looked handsome on 18 January.

“It’s so unusual, you look handsome today. Where are you going?” Susiato said to KS.

Susiato then got ready to go to work at in Pinang Sebatang Timur, Tualang with his friend, Soni Syah Dalimunthe. Little did they know that KS had followed them on a motorcycle while they were on their way and began chasing after them with a machete, reported Kompas.

KS then stabbed Susiato two times in his abdomen and stabbed Soni once. Soni, however, managed to escape and sought help from a driver on the road.

Susiato was then brought to the hospital where he was declared dead.

After he had stabbed the two victims, KS fled towards Pekanbaru and was later arrested by the police who received information on his whereabouts.

Police Chief Gunar said that the suspect and the victim did not know each other well and had only recently met at the house they both live in. He said KS was offended when Susiato told him he looked handsome.

“The perpetrator tried to fight back, but we managed to arrest him,” Gunar said.

He added that KS is being charged under Article 340 of the Criminal Code together with Article 338 of the Criminal Code for manslaughter.

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