Drunk man smashes Raffles Place MRT platform door with fire extinguisher

Man said he has quit drinking

Tan Wee Jian, 33, had been drinking during a dinner with colleagues before the incident on 24 August 2023. He had reportedly consumed 10 cups of whisky and sake.

After leaving the dinner, Tan arrived at Raffles Place MRT station shortly after midnight, where he managed to squeeze through a gantry, exit, and then forcibly re-enter the station.

Used fire extinguisher to destroy glass panels

Tan’s disruptive behaviour continued as he kicked nearby shutters twice before removing a fire extinguisher from its case, triggering a fire alarm.

Around 12:30 am, Tan used the extinguisher to strike the glass panel of a nearby convenience store before proceeding to vandalise the station further.

CCTV footage captured Tan dragging the extinguisher to platform D, where he swung it against a glass screen door, shattering it. Despite the presence of station staff, Tan managed to damage another screen door before a station master intervened.

The police were notified of the vandalism on the same day.

Consequences and restitution

Charged in court for his actions, Tan was assessed to have caused S$2,955 in damages, a sum he fully repaid in December 2023. On 22 March, Tan pleaded guilty to two counts of mischief.

In court, the defence presented testimonials from Tan’s employer and a friend, advocating for leniency. Tan’s friend detailed his efforts to amend his ways, including voluntarily attending Alcoholics Anonymous sessions and ceasing alcohol consumption.

Rehabilitation and penalty

Tan’s commitment to change was acknowledged in the court’s consideration.

He was fined S$3,000 and had previously paid nearly the same amount in damages for his actions.

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