Church of England discusses gender-neutral God

Liberal Christians are pushing the Church of England to change its gendered references to God from its scriptures and services. The request was made at a meeting of the General Synod, the Church’s governing body, this week. The Reverend Joanna Stobart of Bath and Wells asked the Liturgical Commission, responsible for setting the language used in church services, for more inclusive language options in their liturgy and more prayers that do not refer to God using male pronouns. However, any changes to the Church’s liturgy would require the approval of the Synod, where there is strong opposition. Rev. Ian Paul, a member of the Church’s Archbishop’s Council, argues that changing the meaning of “Father” to “Mother” or “Parent” would fundamentally change the doctrine of the Church, which is grounded in scriptures. The Church of England and the Catholic Church both refer to God as male in their liturgy, although both catechisms define God as neither a man nor a woman.

The Church of England differs from the Catholic Church in that it does not recognize the Pope, allows clergy to marry, permits women to be ordained, and delegates more authority to individual bishops and ministers. While the Catholic Church prohibits priests from blessing same-sex unions, the General Synod of the Church of England is preparing for a vote on the matter this week.

Source: RT World News

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