China urges ‘restraint’ after Israeli raid on Palestinian refugee camp kills 10

“China has expressed concern over the latest violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and has called on Israel to exercise restraint. The latest conflict resulted in the death of a 24-year-old Palestinian man in the West Bank city of Jenin, bringing the death toll to ten. China has expressed its sadness over the civilian casualties and is calling for all parties to show calm and restraint to prevent the situation from escalating. The Palestinian Authority has described the Israeli offensive as a “massacre” and there have been 34 Palestinians killed by the Israeli Defense Forces since the beginning of this year.

China has expressed its support for a comprehensive and lasting settlement to the Palestinian question and is calling on the international community to act with a stronger sense of urgency to create conditions for the resumption of talks between Palestine and Israel. Foreign Minister Qin Gang has called on Israel in particular to stop all incitements and provocations and refrain from any unilateral action that may lead to the deterioration of the situation.

An international relations expert, Swaran Singh, believes that China’s statements are sincere but should not be overanalyzed. He believes that China must tread carefully given the enduring nature of the conflict and the deep rooted links between the US and Israel, as Beijing’s position could add to China-US tensions. Singh believes that the statement made by Foreign Minister Qin Gang is one of pious sentiments and should not be read beyond that to attach any ulterior motives.”

Source: South China Morning Post

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