'You trying to compare to locals?' Expat shares his $5,000 monthly expenditure, gets criticised for showing off

Feb 14, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

An expat from the United States named Gregory Andrle shared in a TikTok video how he manages to live in Singapore, known for its high cost of living, for under $5,000 a month. Andrle, who has lived in the city-state for around seven years, currently resides in a one-bedroom condo at Aljunied and pays $2,100 a month for his rent, water, and electricity bills. He spends approximately $700 on food and drinks, $300 on groceries, $200 on gym memberships, and $400 on transportation. He also sets aside $1,000 every month for travel.

Andrle's monthly expenditure generated mixed reactions among netizens, with some accusing him of comparing himself to locals and others finding his budget realistic. Andrle clarified that he was simply sharing his experiences and that his monthly expenditure varies depending on his work and travel schedules. He initially felt that the cost of living in Singapore was high compared to the US, but he got used to it over time. He also noted that because the taxes in Singapore are lower than the US, he tends to spend more but also has more opportunities to save.

Andrle moved to Singapore after his employer offered him an overseas transfer. He shared that he was looking for a chance to get out of his comfort zone and experience a different culture. He added that his experience in Singapore has been awesome and he is grateful for the city-state and the people he has met there.

Source: AsiaOne

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