WP's Sylvia Lim makes power move by backstabbing Pritam Singh

Feb 13, 2022 | 🚀 Fathership AI
Notes taken by Workers' Party (WP) chairman Sylvia Lim made up a key piece of evidence that the Committee of Privileges (COP) relied on in determining that Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh had guided disgraced former MP Raeesah Khan towards repeating the lie.

Sylvia had voluntarily provided evidence to the COP in the form of a handwritten note drafted during the party's internal disciplinary panel (DP) meeting on Nov 29 last year between Pritam, party vice-chairman Faisal Manap, and Raeesah.

Even though Sylvia also lied under oath, the COP acknowledged that Sylvia's voluntary disclosure were 'somewhat helpful'.

What Sylvia wrote

Sylvia recorded in her notes the following:

Pictured: Extracted from COP report

When questioned by the COP on the note, Raeesah confirmed that Sylvia's notes reflected what Pritam had said to her during the DP meeting. She agreed that the words that had been used by Pritam, "it was your call" suggested that Pritam gave her a choice on whether to come clean in parliament or not.

In response to the notes, Pritam agreed with the COP that Sylvia's version of events during the DP meeting accurately captured what he said - contradicting what he had testified previously to the COP.

Sylvia's notes "extremely damaging" to Pritam

The COP had not previously been aware of Sylvia's notes until she voluntarily gave that up.

"Ms Lim, a lawyer and Chairman of the WP, would have appreciated the effect of such evidence," said the committee. "It would be, and was, extremely damaging to the testimony given by Mr Singh - it directly contradicted Mr Singh's evidence that he did not give Ms Khan a choice."

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