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WP chief Pritam Singh urges more transparency on Singapore’s fiscal health, ground involvement in policy-making

Jun 05, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
"What is of interest is the decision making process behind the allocation of this amount. How did the government settle on it? And on what basis was it justified to the President?" WP chief Pritam Singh asked in his Budget debate speech.

On the country's response to COVID-19, Mr Singh said the Government should launch a federal review - with an independent committee - to review its response to the current public health crisis.

"Would it not have been more efficient for the exceptions and caveats to rules to have been announced at the same time?" he asked, adding that the responsibility to ensure safe distancing could have given to facility owners instead. Mr Perera also proposed that the Government allow more establishments to open during the post-circuit breaker phases, with business owners still sticking to safe distancing rules while operating at lower economically viable levels, if they choose to do so.

"Such a thorough review could potentially become a source of more job opportunities for Singaporeans more respectable wage levels in some cases," Mr Singh said.

"With many corporates and big businesses already perceived to be over-represented in our political ecology, be it through the grassroots or through the association in private-public-national level committee, Government needs to consider how it can become a better arbiter between different views," Mr Singh said.