Woman locked up after allegedly cutting out mum’s beating heart

Dec 11, 2021 | 🚀 Fathership
A wannabe Instagram star who allegedly tore out her own mum’s beating heart during a frenzied knife attack has been locked up in a psychiatric hospital, The Sun reports.

Medical student Anna Leikovic, 21, from Moldova, then washed the blood off in the shower and went to meet her boyfriend for a date, according to reports.

Pictured: Anna Leikovic, 21, is alleged to have brutally slaughtered her mum in Moldova.

Anna Leikovic, who was 21 at the time of the killing in December last year, has now been ruled not responsible for her actions.

Leikovic allegedly initially stabbed her mother Praskovya Leikovic, 40, at home.

Her mum — who didn’t die immediately — was then subjected to a gory, frenzied death.

It’s alleged that after stabbing her mother, and while Praskovya was still alive, “she then cut out her heart”.

The paper adds that she allegedly “decided to rip the heart out of the chest of a dying woman.

“It is hard to believe but she cut out the heart in the most literal sense of the word.”

Leikovic then gouged out her mum’s other internal organs including her lungs and intestines with a kitchen knife, it is alleged.

Pictured: Victim

After the killings, she went to her boyfriend’s house and suggested they “drink champagne” before “very calmly” telling him that she had killed her mother.

But she refused to answer further questions when he quizzed her as to whether it was really true.

Shocked by her allegations, he waited for her to fall asleep and then went to her house to check if what she had said was true.

He then reported her to the police.

The young woman’s grandmother is quoted in local media as saying that she “did not obey” and that she led an “immoral lifestyle”, abusing drugs and alcohol.

Unable to testify in court

One month before the killing, an ambulance was reportedly called to the family home after the young woman overdosed on drugs.

The young woman’s mother and grandmother both insisted that Leikovic be treated for drug addiction.

The forensic psychiatric examination of the young woman, which was carried out after the murder, showed that, due to her mental state, Leikovic was “not able to correctly perceive the circumstances that are important for the criminal case” and was “unable to testify in the case”.

Pictured: During the court case, video footage shows Anna lying on the bench in the court and cleaning her nails.

As a result of the medical finding as to her mental state, she was committed to a mental institution after the court accepted that while she had carried out the crime she was not criminally responsible for her actions.

Leong Mun Wai pulled a 'Raeesah Khan' in Parliament on Telegram hearsay

Jan 13, 2022 | 🚀 Fathership
On Tuesday (Jan 11), Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member Leong Mun Wai claimed that he received feedback from residents, "that some teachers have already practised vaccination diferentiated safe management measures in schools".

When asked by Education Minister Chan Chun Sing to name the schools and teachers involved, Leong backpedalled and said that the feedback was through Whatsapp and that he would need to ask 'his' residents before making a clarification. He later disclosed that the feedback originated from a Telegram group called SG Concerned Parents.

After a terse exchange between Chan and Speaker of the House Tan Chuan Jin, Leong admitted that the chat group messages did not name any particular schools.

Indranee: When you make allegations against teachers and just cast it out there, you must be able to substantiate it

Leong's response drew a rebuke from Leader of the House Indranee Rajah who admonished Leong for making unsubstantiated claims.

Indranee rose and said: "When you make allegations against teachers and just cast it out there, you must be able to substantiate it. And that is why Minister Chan (had) asked, ‘Please provide me with the details of which school and which teacher so that the Ministry of Education can follow up'.”

She described Leong’s explanation on Tuesday as an attempt to “grandstand” or make broad speeches that have no bearing on the details requested by the Education Minister.

Leong Mun Wai another Raeesah Khan?

In August last year, Raeesah shared an anecdote in Parliament about details of a rape case she alleged was mishandled by the police. She later admitted to lying about the anecdote.

In 2014, Workers' Party MP Faisal Manap also made an unsubstantiated claim alleging that when he was a counsellor, he came across a couple who were having housing issues and advised to file for a divorce by the Housing and Development Board — so that the wife would be eligible to buy a house under the Singles Scheme and she could subsequently remarry her husband.

He later apologised for not verifying the authenticity of his anecdote.