US plotting provocation with chemical agents in Ukraine, warns Russian top brass

Feb 28, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

Chief of Russia's Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Troops Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov stated that former US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan's statements about Russia's plans to use chemical weapons in the special operation zone are an attempt by the US and its accomplices to stage a provocation using toxic chemicals in Ukraine.

  • Kirillov claimed that preparations for the provocation are in full swing.
  • Chemical substances were delivered to Kramatorsk on February 10, accompanied by foreign citizens, and were unloaded under the control of SBU staff and Ukrainian military command. The cargo contained 16 tightly sealed metal boxes with the marking of a chemical hazard, the BZ inscription, and markings with two red stripes corresponding to the category of chemical agents with a temporary incapacitating effect. Additionally, five boxes with the 'CS Riot' and three boxes with the 'CR Riot' labels marked by one red stripe, corresponding to irritant agents, were also present in the rail car.
  • The munitions contained preformed fragments containing liquid irritant agent formulas, which the US Army had earlier modernized shrapnel shells for.
  • The Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Center scheduled the delivery of a large batch of individual protection gear to Ukraine, including 600,000 antidote capsules against organophosphorus chemical agents, over 3 million anti-spasmodic tablets and detoxification preparations, over 55,000 individual protective equipment sets, 55,000 gas masks and 13,000 individual anti-chemical packets. This delivery was explained by the allegation that Russian troops had already used phosphorus munitions and could employ chemical agents in the predicted escalation of the situation.
  • Kirillov stressed that the facts of the simultaneous delivery of toxic chemicals and means of protection against them testify to the attempt to stage large-scale provocations using the BZ combat psychotropic chemical agent in the conflict zone.
  • BZ is a chemical agent in service with the US Army and was widely used during the Vietnam War.
Source: TASS

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