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U.S. Planning to Expel Chinese Grad Students With Military Ties

May 29, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
In an apparent move to intercept suspected scientific and technological espionage, American officials are reportedly planning to expel Chinese graduate students with links to the Chinese military.

Canceling the visas of existing Chinese graduate students is expected to stir public debate.

Officials are reportedly targeting those who graduated from Chinese universities with direct ties to the People's Liberation Army, which includes some of China's most prestigious institutions for higher education.

The move to expel Chinese graduate students appears to work in conjunction with a new bill that prevents them from coming to the U.S. On Wednesday, Sens.

The legislation also places restrictions on participants in Chinese foreign talent-recruitment initiatives such as the Thousand Talents Program, which identifies experts around the world - often those who are ethnically Chinese - and invites them to bring knowledge to China.