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Unlike Sars, Covid-19 will be here for some time: Experts

Jun 01, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
Sars had a fatality rate of about 10 per cent - calculated by taking the number of deaths over infections - while Covid-19's thus far has been less than 6 per cent.

"New Zealand, Singapore and South Korea have shown that early action can perhaps do the same with Covid-19. But this falls apart once asymptomatic people start emerging from elsewhere. It can be controlled only with tremendous vigilance."

With so much more learnt today, experts say Covid-19 remains unique in its own ways.

"H1N1 may probably be a good gauge of Covid-19's scale but mortality will far exceed it... H1N1 didn't result in a global lockdown and subsequent impact to economies and livelihoods, like what Covid-19 did," he added.

Prof Cook noted: "Though useful, we shouldn't over-depend on past lessons since the epidemiology is quite different... That's why we could control Sars but globally we're having much more difficulty controlling Covid-19.".