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Two former Progress Singapore Party members set up political party called Red Dot United

May 29, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
SINGAPORE - Two former Progress Singapore Party members have registered a new political party named Red Dot United, with the intention of contesting the next general election.

Mr Philemon said that if it is still not approved after a couple of weeks, the party will write in to the Registry to request that its application be expedited given the possibility of an election could be called before the party is registered.

Ms Lee, who will be the party chairman, said they chose not to join another party and instead start a new one, as they felt there is a need for a distinctly "New perspective, new ideas and new methods" to be brought into the political landscape here.

When asked what sets Red Dot United apart from the other existing opposition parties, Mr Philemon said that it will not be a party focused one any key individual, and will also target the youths.

Associate Professor of Law Eugene Tan of the Singapore Management University said that the addition of Red Dot United makes the opposition scene here not only more crowded, but potentially more fragmented, as there will be more parties jostling for a limited number of seats.