Turkey-Syria earthquake: Volunteers digging with their bare hands as shouts heard amid the rubble

Feb 08, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

Antakya, near the Syrian border, is in a state of devastation following a natural disaster. Virtually every building in the area has been affected, with damaged structures and rubble all around. Teams of volunteers are trying to rescue survivors and retrieve bodies from the wreckage, using pickaxes and drills. Despite the efforts of those on the ground, the people of the province feel forgotten and neglected, with some resorting to looting for food and shelter. The disaster is considered to be Turkey's worst in nearly a century. Despite offers of help from 45 nations, reaching those affected in the region, especially across the border in Syria, will be challenging due to the ongoing war and poverty in the area.

At Adana airport, personnel and volunteers from all over the country have gathered to help with relief efforts. However, many are still trying to reach their relatives and friends in the affected towns and villages. A doctor based in Istanbul was unable to reach colleagues in Hatay, believed to be one of the worst-hit areas, causing concern. Reports suggest that at least two hospitals have crumbled in the earthquakes and people are following updates on the rising number of fatalities with worry. Turkey will need all the help it can get in dealing with the disaster, especially in a region already struggling with war and poverty.

Source: Sky News

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