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Top China diplomats call for ‘Wolf Warrior’ army in foreign relations

May 25, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
"Some people said China now has many Wolf Warriors', the reason is that there are many 'wolves' out there in the world now. If there are 'wolves', we must have 'Wolf Warriors' to fight," Liu told state broadcaster CCTV."We encourage diplomats at all levels to actively fight. Where there is a 'wolf', we need to fight back actively to protect national dignity and interests."

China's ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said in a world with a lot of "Wolves" there was a need for "Wolf Warriors".

Chen Daoyin, an independent political scientist, echoed Ryan and said one of the worst scenarios China could face was a new bloc of countries alienated by the "Wolf Warrior" approach.

Chen Gang, assistant director of National University of Singapore's East Asian Institute, said the "Wolf Warrior" style could become the norm as China was ready to adopt a head-on approach to pressure.

"China's tensions with the United States and its allies could escalate in the short run due to the wolf-like diplomats, and some of China's external behaviour will come under more scrutiny from these governments," Chen said.