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The Workers' Party stands with Singapore, says Pritam Singh in response to Shanmugam

Jun 21, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
SINGAPORE - The Workers' Party stands with Singapore, said its chief and leader of the opposition Pritam Singh on Sunday.

Mr Singh had called Mr Alfian a "Loving critic" of Singapore, said Dr Tan, who cited several Facebook posts by the playwright, including a 2018 post made when Singapore and Malaysia were embroiled in a maritime dispute after Malaysian vessels intruded into Singapore waters.

"However, should any Singaporean consistently establish that he or she rejects Singapore or our Constitution or runs Singapore down with a political agenda overseas, neither I, nor the WP will stand for such conduct."

Mr Singh pointed out that as WP Secretary-General, he had drafted a press release in late 2018 when a Malaysian vessel entered Singapore waters off Tuas West.

"For these reasons, it is my view that Dr Tan's questions, cloaked as innocent ones, were politically motivated to divide Singaporeans into those who are for or against - not Singapore - but the PAP, and to paint the WP in negative light."