Here's how you can be ordained as a Minister to officiate your LGBT besties' wedding legally

It's as simple as adding your Hallelujah to cart - just ask Jamus Lim

Missing Japanese porn actress, 23, found dead in forest, man arrested for alleged kidnap

Autopsy results revealed that she had a broken hyoid bone in her neck, and with no other external injuries, it was suspected that she had been strangled to death.

Scientists develop durable material for flexible artificial muscles

The simplified process, along with the flexible and durable nature of the PHDE, allows for the manufacture of new soft actuators capable of bending to jump, like spider legs, or winding up and spinning.

4 Men Gang-Raped, Killed and Ate a Protected Monitor Lizard

India’s monitor lizards are endangered, and are a protected species by law.

Elephant kills woman and returns to her funeral to attack her corpse

She was rushed to the hospital but died from her injuries.

Russians in Singapore divided over Russia's invasion of Ukraine

In Russia, Putin's public approval is soaring.

What the Leftist SJW Culture Have in Common with Communist Chinese Culture

A Comparative Analysis of how Marxist Culture is Trampling On the Freedoms of Hong Kong and America

Are the Taliban descendants of Israel?

Is there a connection to ancient Hebrews?

Taiwanese math teacher uses Pornhub to teach hardcore calculus

He earns more than $250,000 annually from it

Asteroid twice the size of pyramids heading near Earth at end of year

It likely won't hit Earth, which is good, because the outcome would be catastrophic.

Professor says Earth is forming Saturn-like rings made of space junk

"Earth is on course to have its own rings. They'll just be made of junk."

New Covid variant discovered in S. Africa could render vaccines ineffective

The variant, called B.1.1.529, has been detected in South Africa in small numbers.

"You'll pay": China vows revenge at tiny country with a population size of 3M people

China has blasted Lithuania, warning it will “pay a price” for allowing Taiwan to open a de facto embassy in its capital Vilnius.

New brain implant lets blind patient see without eyes

A blind woman was able to "see" for the first time in 16 years

Why Liberal Arts degrees are worthless

A college degree is worthless if nobody is willing to pay you for the skills you acquired while earning it.

‘Pet mystery box’: China’s dog and cat mail-order craze causes new outrage

Animals that die in transit will be dumped on the roadside by the couriers.

Australian govt has a history of sharing citizens' data covertly despite laws prohibiting it

Australia may have passed a law giving better privacy safeguards to protect its citizen's contact tracing data but given the Australian government's track record in citizens' surveillance, observers questioned if the new law is merely a smokescreen for increased covert surveillance.

Indonesian Man Stabs Housemate To Death For Calling Him "Handsome"

An Indonesian man stabbed his housemate to death in the Siak Regency, Riau after his housemate called him ‘handsome’. According to Siak Police Chief AKBP Gunar Rahadyanto, the 45-year-old suspect with the initials KS, was offended when his housemate, Susiato alias Yanto, told him that he looked handsome on 18 January. “It’s so unusual, you […]

The simple but ingenious system Taiwan uses to crowdsource its laws

Taiwan is a promising experiment in participatory governance. But politics is blocking it from getting greater traction.

Man Claims He Told Wife He Was On Sriwijaya Flight But Was Actually In Bali With His Mistress

Indonesia is still mourning over the crash of Sriwijaya Air SJ 182 that occurred on 9 January. In the midst of such heartbreaking grief, families of the victims are trying their level best to find some sort of closure from the incident. Knowing that the victims are never coming back, these family members have no […]

Damaged Human Lungs Can Be Repaired by Attaching Them to Pigs, Experiment Shows

The sad reality of terminal lung illnesses is that there are simply far more patients than there are donor lungs available. This isn't just because of the low number of donors, which would be problem enough, but many donor lungs are significantly dam

69-Year-Old Dutch Man Identifies As 'Age Fluid' And Wants To Legally Become 49

Emile Ratelband argues that his biological age does not reflect his emotional age, and wants to be legally recognized as a 49-year-old.

Why You're Probably a Hypocrite if You Judge People Who Eat Dogs

I have never eaten dog meat, simply because I grew up in a society which groomed me to…

Man builds gun that shoots masks onto people's faces

Anti-maskers inspired YouTuber Allen Pan to create a whimsical gadget: a gun that fires masks directly onto its targets' faces.

A former intern found the video CNN planned to play at the end of the world

When CNN launched in 1980, founder Ted Turner already knew how it was going to end. "Barring satellite problems, we won't be signing off until the world ends," he reportedly said. "When the end of...

Scientists Caught 'Undead' Genes Coming Alive After Death

Turns out there might be "life" after death, after all.

Scientists Transplanted A Rat’s Head Onto Another Rat, Hoping to Replicate It in Humans

Chinese researchers grafted the head of a smaller rat onto a bigger one while keeping the brain safe from possible damage due to blood loss.

Indonesian Man Gets Scammed With Hand-Drawn Money While Selling Phone

A man in Indonesia realized it was too late when the person who bought his used phone handed';

A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human? | GPT-3

We asked GPT-3, OpenAI’s powerful new language generator, to write an essay for us from scratch. The assignment? To convince us robots come in peace



Can the Right Geographic Conditions Help Create Geniuses?

Take a city with good coffee shops and throw in some chaos and culture clash. Oh, and get rid of the parents.

How A Dead Millionaire Drove Canada To A Baby-Making Race For His Fortune

When eccentric Canadian multi-millionaire Charles Millar died in 1926, he bequeathed his fortune to whichever woman could birth the most children in a decade.

Oh Crap! Customer Eats Cow Dung Cake Meant For Prayers & Leaves Bad Review on Amazon

It today’s series of bizarre news, a customer purchased cow dung cakes from Amazon and actually ate it instead of using it for “religious purposes”. Now, if you didn’t already know, cow dung has been commonly used in India for religious ceremonies, prayers and even general use such as replacement of firewood and paving walls. […]

This man was living on $200 a month when he sold a 'worthless' blanket for $1.5 million

Loren Krytzer was scraping by on disability checks when he became a millionaire overnight, all thanks to a blanket from his closet.

Thai police admit 'giant' drug bust found just 1.2g of ketamine

Thai authorities said on Tuesday that barely more than one gram of ketamine had been found in a seizure that police had initially believed contained more than 12 tonnes of the drug.

中国同性婚姻仍待努力 LGBT求助结婚app


You have no privacy on Facebook, even if your post is set to "friends-only"

Does posting, even to a small group of friends, on social media mean that a user is forfeiting all expectation of privacy? Yes, Facebook argues.

Study: The louder the monkey, the smaller its balls

A new study finds that the animals can make a lot of noise or a lot of sperm — but trying to do both just takes too much energy.