Has the PAP government become 'decadent'? Yes, according to NUS Assoc Prof

Decadence - a term used promiscuously but rarely precisely

Police issue stern warning to Workers' Party MP Raeesah Khan over online comments on race, religion

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has issued a stern warning to Workers' Party (WP) Member of Parliament Raeesah Khan over comments she

Did LKY chided Law Society over AGC Lucien Wong case in 1986 as implied by LHY?

Cherry-picking used to be a honest farming job back in the day.





SMRT Feedback files police report against themselves because they felt left out

Unsurprisingly, the police have not responded to our request for comments.

A closer look at the arguments for and against WP's Raeesah Khan

Scandalising the Court, not racism, is probably what did Ms Raeesah Khan in



Jeyaretnam: "PSP not a good faith actor"; claims PSP wanted to cede Nee Soon to RP

Snippets of Whatsapp conversation between Reform Party's Kenneth Jeyaretnam and Progress Singapore Party's Assistant Secretary-General Leong Mun Wai released.

鲜为人知的“拉茶党(Teh Tarik Party)”悄悄发布了一份33页的政治宣言

这份宣言由前SMRT Feedback的成员执笔完成,其中涉及医疗保健,人口减少,移民和经济等政策问题。

Little-known Teh Tarik Party quietly released a 33-page political manifesto

Helmed by former SMRT Feedback members, the manifesto touched on policies that include Healthcare, Depopulation, Immigration and the Economy.

PAP MP questions WP chief's support for Alfian Sa'at

PAP MP Tan Wu Meng has criticised Workers' Party chief Pritam Singh for supporting Singapore poet and playwright Alfian Sa'at,

The Workers' Party stands with Singapore, says Pritam Singh in response to Shanmugam

The Workers' Party stands with Singapore, said its chief and leader of the opposition Pritam Singh on Sunday (June 21).

Tan Wu Meng's opinion piece on Pritam Singh was 'serious' and 'thoughtful': Shanmugam

The opinion piece written by Senior Parliamentary Secretary Tan Wu Meng on the support apparently offered by the Workers’ Party’s

Backroom talks heat up among Opposition camps for GE; 3-way fights likely

Things however came to a head when some members expressed their disagreement with the way talks are conducted, a source familiar with the matter told Fathership today (Apr 16).

Lim Tean's uncertain future as pending claims against him amounts to S$1.3 million

Lim who is also the leader of People's Voice Party (PVP) may be on the brink of bankrtupcy if claims against him are successful.

Malaysia hands 5G spectrum to little-known firm controlled by politically linked tycoon

The May 15 decision went unannounced to the public and appears to be the first major reversal of infrastructure policy by the three-month-old Perikatan Nasional government.


Ravi Philemon先生和Michelle Lee女士创立的“红点团结”党目前有12名年龄介于25至55岁的党员。详情请访问straitstimes.com。

Two former Progress Singapore Party members set up political party called Red Dot United

Mr Ravi Philemon and Ms Michelle Lee's Red Dot United party currently has 12 members aged between 25 and 55.

Progress Singapore Party: Time for Lee Hsien Yang to take the reins?

Compared to Dr Tan, Lee Hsien Yang has a sterling background in managing big organisations - a trait PSP badly needs.

"Anonymous Singapore" alleged PSP infiltrated by foreign proxies - names exposed

"You have spoken about the values of openness, transparency, independence and compassion but you have no independence at all." - Anonymous

AGC: Li Shengwu instructed lawyers to leak copies of his defence affidavit to the media

Li Shengwu's lawyers Abraham Vergis and Aisyah Ahmad of Providence Law have since apologised but announced they are no longer representing Li.

PSP member identified as creator of viral "Anonymous" video alleging PSP had been 'infiltrated by foreign proxies'

Daniel Teo Weilong, a 36-year-old admitted to party chief Tan Cheng Bock that he was behind the video which claimed that PSP “has been infiltrated by foreign proxies”.

A summary of all summaries on the Lee Suet Fern exposé - responses from all sides

Lee Hsien Yang admits Facebook posts were misleading and inaccurate; Lee Suet Fern contradicted herself during cross-examination

PSP source: Lee Hsien Yang a 'liability to the party'; Tan Cheng Bock wary of association

Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) is becoming a "liability to the party", said a Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member on Sunday (Apr 5).