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Study using AI finds more effective drug mix to fight coronavirus

May 30, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
A new study led by Singapore researchers has found that a combination of remdesivir with lopinavir and ritonavir, which are drugs used to treat patients with human immunodeficiency virus, could be 6½ times more effective at treating patients compared with just remdesivir.

The drugs include remdesivir, lopinavir and ritonavir, as well as malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, which has been touted by US President Donald Trump as having potential to be a Covid-19 cure.

Prof Ho, who is also head of the NUS Department of Biome-dical Engineering, said that traditionally, drug developers look into how a drug works to get rid of the pathogen in the human body before determining if it could be successful against a new virus or bacterium.

AI and similar AI platforms have already been used in drug therapy for cancer and other diseases.

Associate Professor David Lye, senior consultant and director of the infectious disease research and training office at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Singapore, said the lopinavir-ritonavir combination has not been shown to work in patients with severe Covid-19, and that clinical researchers must first be convinced before the drug combination enters randomised controlled trials.