S'pore woman mistakenly transfers S$2,888 savings to flower shop, shop denies it happened

Feb 13, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

A 54-year-old woman in Singapore mistakenly transferred S$2,888 of her salary to a flower shop and has been unable to retrieve the money. The woman, surnamed Huang, has a habit of transferring her salary to a separate savings account to prevent overspending. On January 18th, she mistakenly keyed in the wrong bank account number and later that day, she contacted the bank. However, she was told she would have to wait a week for the bank to process her case and that they would attempt to contact the other party, but it could take up to three weeks to get her money back.

Huang later found out that the recipient was a flower shop where she had bought a wreath previously, but the shop denied receiving the money and said Huang had contacted the wrong number. Despite her attempts to contact the shop, Huang remains uncertain if she will ever get her money back.

A lawyer interviewed by Shinmin Daily News pointed out that if the other party does not return the wrongly transferred sum, the affected party can bring this case to the Civil Court or Criminal Court and that it could constitute theft. The affected party can either make a police report or start a civil lawsuit against the other party to retrieve the money.

Huang's bank has already sent two letters addressed to the bank account holder requesting for the other party to return the money, but they have yet to receive a reply. Huang requires a letter of proof from the bank before the police can investigate and is currently awaiting further directions from the bank.

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