Source: Lee Hsien Yang not interested in Presidency, but in Prime Minister-ship

Oct 14, 2022 | 🚀 Fathership AI

On October 10, Hong Kong-based tabloid Asia Sentinel, published a commentary announcing Lee Hsien Yang's purported bid for Singapore's presidential throne in next year's elections.

Their source? An anonymous "hedge fund manager" and an individual who "declined to be named."

Here are some snippets:

The same article also talks about the rumour of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's wife Ho Ching wanting to run for presidency.

Asia Sentinel also said they emailed Lee Hsien Yang for a response but received no response.

Source: Asia Sentinel did not report the scoop accurately

On Thursday (Oct 13), Fathership tracked down Asia Sentinel's source: the anonymous "hedge fund manager" for comments.

Mr X (not his real name) is a caucasian based in Hong Kong and works in a hedge fund company, but in the Legal department, and not as a hedge fund manager.

(We have retracted the source's name to preserve his anonymity in exchange for his comments)

Mr X told Fathership that Asia Sentinel did not report on his statement accurately.

He said that an associate from Lee Hsien Yang's camp had told him that he "wants to have a shot at the Prime Minister position as the Presidential role would not provide him with the resources to restructure the establishment."

When asked by Fathership if this "associate" is credible, Mr X responded that he is "very credible."

Mr X dies of a heart attack a day after Fathership's interview

On Friday (Oct 14), Fathership learnt that Mr X died of a heart attack.

Unfortunately, Fathership is not able to verify the statement by Mr X although we can confirm that he's dead.

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