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Singapore GE2020: WP has done the math on its proposals, says Jamus Lim in live TV debate

Jul 01, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
SINGAPORE - The Workers' Party has been called "PAP-lite" because of how similar its positions are to the ruling party, but the opposition party's more left-wing stance raises the question of how it would pay for its programmes, said Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan in a live TV debate on Wednesday.

That WP's Jamus Lim was seated to his left during the debate was not lost on viewers as Dr Balakrishnan added: "And that's why people have called the Workers' Party PAP-lite or PAP-like, it's almost a position where whatever line or stand the PAP has taken, you basically use that as your reference point and take a half step to the left."

"Ultimately, what we want is the right policy... Now, you have then gone on to say that what we have done is move to the left, and the kind of underlying query is that well perhaps by moving to the left we are being irresponsible fiscally," said Dr Lim.

Where the two parties fundamentally differ is "Where we think those trade-offs actually should occur", added the 44-year-old.

In turn, Dr Lim asked if the PAP had evaluated the efficacy of its policies, and referred to Singapore Democratic Party's Chee Soon Juan's comment earlier in the debate that the PAP has tried to raise productivity unsuccessfully since 1972.