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Singapore GE2020: Red Dot United to push for changes in housing, job policies

Jun 29, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
Singapore's newest political party Red Dot United plans to push for policy changes in areas such as housing, healthcare and employment if its members are elected.

In a 12-page charter released yesterday, RDU said policy changes in these areas are needed to improve the lives of Singaporeans, and reduce the anxiety and stress they face every day.

Founded by former Progress Singapore Party members Ravi Philemon and Michelle Lee, the 12-member party has introduced five candidates who will stand in Jurong GRC. During a call on videoconferencing platform Zoom yesterday, Ms Lee, who is the party chairman, said RDU wants more flexibility in government policies and to reduce people's reliance on the ruling party.

In its charter, RDU said it will also be advocating for policies that will help prepare Singapore for the future, in areas such as climate change and population growth.

Both areas are in Jurong GRC. In the 2015 election, Jurong GRC was the People's Action Party's best-performing constituency, garnering 79.28 per cent of the vote against a team from the Singaporeans First party.