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Singapore GE2020: Public warned to be on guard as hackers target parties with fake posts

Jun 29, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
At least three political parties have fallen victim to hackers who are pretending to be them in the lead-up to the general election on July 10, in order to spread fake news, or possibly, to steal money and information.

RDU chairman Michelle Lee told ST yesterday that it has lodged a police report against a fake RDU Facebook page that made posts misrepresenting the party.

The party had published a post on Facebook warning about the fake page, which was called Red Dot United Party and featured its logo together with other fabricated posts that tried to "Attribute harmful and divisive sentiments to RDU".

Besides fake Facebook pages, bad actors have also sent individual text messages pretending that they are from political parties.

"Such pages are most commonly used to misinform people and push out fake news - to manipulate public opinion. And since fake news is usually controversial, it tends to spread much faster than the official one," he said.