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Singapore GE2020: PPP's Goh Meng Seng to contest MacPherson SMC

Jun 25, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
SINGAPORE - The People's Power Party secretary-general Goh Meng Seng on Thursday said he will contest MacPherson SMC, where he is expected to face off against the People's Action Party's Tin Pei Ling.

In a Facebook post on Thursday, Mr Goh posted a picture of a map of the MacPherson area and captioned it: "Finally put my Operational Skills learned from Army as Officer into good use...".

"MacPherson is always special to me. Having served in MacPherson for 10 years, I deeply cherish the bonds I share with our residents, and will continue to do my very best to serve, if I am given the opportunity to do so."

On Tuesday, the PPP had announced plans to field candidates in the Radin Mas and MacPherson SMCs, two areas where other opposition parties have backed out.

The National Solidarity Party had indicated its interest in MacPherson SMC in March, but has since dropped its plan, ST understands.