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Singapore GE2020: PAP new face rebuts allegations; accuser retracts statement

Jun 29, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
The woman who accused new People's Action Party candidate Shawn Huang of behaving badly in the past has retracted the allegations, saying her assessment may have been overly harsh and she might have overreacted.

Referring to the NDP incident, Mr Huang, who was unveiled as a PAP candidate last Friday, said he was able to deduce that the person making the allegations was a warrant officer in charge of the NDP logistics control group in 2018.

Mr Huang said he tried to contact the WO who had written the post so that he could clarify and explain what had happened that day, but was unable to as the post was removed.

Mr Huang said his family name has always been Huang.

Mr Huang said his parents changed his surname to Huang by deed poll in 1989, and he went by the name Huang Wei Zhong Shawn in primary school.