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Sengkang GRC PAP candidate Amrin: 'Don’t write my obituary just yet'

Jul 13, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
Amrin Amin, one of the four PAP candidates for the Sengkang GRC team, has put up a heartfelt post responding to an outpouring of support and sadness after losing at the GE2020.

Published on Facebook on the evening of July 11, about a day after polling closed, Amrin told those who appreciated his work in the community to "Leave the door in your heart open for me".

"Just to remind you - I'm not dead yet. Don't write my obituary just yet I'll come back stronger. Not so easy to knock me off."

One comment that touched Amrin highlighted the impact he had made in the community, especially on the commenter's parents.

Prior to this, Amrin had written a thank you concession note at about 4am:https://mothership.