SCDF officer charged with molesting woman at agency’s premises; he has been suspended on half pay

Feb 20, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

An officer from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) has been charged with three counts of molestation against a woman. The officer is alleged to have targeted the woman at various locations, including an SCDF premises on August 23, 2021. The accused has been suspended on half-pay since January 13, pending the outcome of investigations.

While the identity of the accused and details about the alleged offences have been redacted from court documents, it was reported that he is accused of molesting the woman on two separate occasions on August 23, and again 11 days later. The name and particulars of the accused have been redacted from court documents.

The case has been adjourned until March 10. For each count of molestation, an offender can be jailed for up to two years, fined, caned or receive any combination of these punishments.

The SCDF spokesperson stated that they take the incident seriously and that they provided counselling for the alleged victim. They added that further comments cannot be made as the case is still ongoing.

Recent cases involving Home Team officers accused of molestation have also come to light. On January 20, a policeman and a retired police officer were charged with multiple counts of molestation. Rama Shankar Singh, who has since retired, was handed eight charges, including five counts of molestation, each allegedly involving a male victim. In an unrelated case, policeman Abdul Gaffor Jainul Hussain was charged with four counts of molestation after he allegedly outraged the modesty of a woman in 2020. The police have not disclosed the actual number of alleged victims linked to the two cases.

The case involving Singh and Abdul Gaffor is still pending, and the police have offered victim care support to those who reported the alleged incidents.

Source: The Straits Times

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