‘Rather be single forever’: 20 men vie for 1 woman at Chinese blind dating event

Feb 02, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

A video of a blind dating event in eastern China where more than 20 men scrambled with each other to meet a woman has highlighted the country’s gender imbalance and the difficulty men face seeking a relationship.

The blind dating event in Jiangxi province earlier this month had far more men than women, news portal Su Kan Shi Jie reported. The video showed more than 20 men queuing up to scan a woman’s QR code on WeChat in the hope of a future date, the report said.

The walls of the room were hung with numerous pieces of paper listing the personal information of the single participants, including age, height, weight, educational background, occupation and family details, as well as the standards they set for potential partners.

The video of the blind date event has gone viral and was viewed 48 million times on Weibo alone and attracted tens of thousands of comments.

China has 722 million men and 690 million women, a surplus of roughly 32 million men to women, much of it concentrated among those born during the one-child policy era from 1980-2015.

The problem is more pronounced in rural areas where the preference for boys over girls is more deeply ingrained and many women leave to work in the cities.

As a result, bride prices have soared over the past decade across China. It is paid by men’s families to brides’ parents as compensation for raising daughters who are often seen as non-productive and far less desirable than sons and to convince the women’s parents to support the marriage.

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