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PM lists three advantages that will help Singapore secure its future

Jun 07, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
Singapore can still secure a bright future for itself despite the difficult times ahead, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, listing three advantages that stand the country in good stead to emerge even stronger and better from the Covid-19 crisis.

Second, Singapore has had a head start in preparing for uncertainties, by investing heavily to upgrade its workers through SkillsFuture, digitalising both the private and public sectors, and building its innovation and research and development capabilities.

As countries emerge from lockdowns, Singapore is rebuilding its transport and trade links.

THE SINGAPORE SPIRIT. Many Singaporeans have stepped up during this crisis... These acts of solidarity and human kindness exemplify the best in us.

"This is why I believe we can continue to be exceptional - a fair and just society, where everyone can chase their dreams... We need every one of you to work with us. Together, let us take Singapore safely through this crisis, and make the Singapore spirit flourish in the world."