Like CECA expats, S'porean Chinese-dominated companies would hire their own kind too

CECA is to the Singaporean Chinese what "looking for Mandarin speakers only" in a job application is to the Singaporean minorities.

"Doctor" behind vaccination open letter also pens down disparaging remarks against Islam

His credentials as a doctor is also being questioned as his medical registration could not be found in public records.

Racism or not? Woman at the centre of PA saga should set the record straight

It would be prudent for Sarah Bagharib to cut through the smokescreen and reassert her position.

Ethnocentrism, not racism, is the root cause of division in Singapore's society today

Ethnocentrism is the idea that one's own culture is the main standard by which other cultures may be measured. When people use their own culture as a parameter to measure other cultures, they often tend to think that their culture is superior and see other cultures as inferior and bizarre, triggering emotional resistance or backlash.

Allowing Chinese-made vaccines in S'pore without rigid testing a step back against COVID efforts

Singapore residents opting for alternative vaccines may be inoculated with a false sense of security - and probably a jab in the face.


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