An inside look into the life of Lee Suet Fern, wife of Lee Hsien Yang

Lee Kuan Yew's daughter-in-law Lee Suet Fern spills the beans on her personal life in a recent Yahoo! interview - a rare moment for the self-confessed shy and reserved person. Among other things, Suet Fern also took the opportunity to throw shade at PM Lee by proclaiming her son's (Li Shengwu) birth as the "biggest event for them (LKY & wife) on a personal level - since LKY had always wanted a grandson - ...It felt to them like a first, although my brother-in-law did have a son with his first wife."


李光耀的儿媳林学芬在最近的一次雅虎访谈上透露了她的个人生活。对于这个自认害羞和矜持的人来说,这是个难得的机会。 除此之外,林学芬还借此机会给李显龙泼了一盆冷水,她宣称儿子(李绳武)的出生是“他们(李光耀和妻子)从个人角度来说最大的事——因为李光耀一直想要个孙子……虽然我姐夫和他的第一任妻子有个儿子,但对他们来说感觉像是头一次有孙子。”



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