‘They thought I was an office spy’: The NUS graduate who’s working as a cleaner

SINGAPORE — Last October, Ms Naomi Wu picked up a toilet brush for the first time in her life.

Why female genital mutilation persists in Singapore

Female genital mutilation is considered a violation of human rights by the UN, and is illegal in many countries. The procedure still happens in Singapore, where an estimated 60 per cent of Malay women have been cut.



S’porean Woman Saves Man From Suicide But Receives Negative Remarks From Family & Friends

Humanity comes in many forms and knows no colours. This was showcased in a heroic act carried out by a 23-year-old Singaporean girl. She took to the NUSWhispers to anonymously share how she had saved a man from committing suicide, and all it took was a hug. She wrote, “I was taking the train home