M’sian Gets Rejected After Telling Woman He’s a Hawker Because “Hawkers Have No Future”

Jun 17, 2022 | 🚀 Fathership AI

Recently, the Facebook group Tantan Confessions Malaysia shared some screenshots of a conversation between an anonymous man and a girl he met through an online dating app. Judging from the screenshots, it seems that the man had just swiped right on the woman not too long ago, however things went south very quickly afterwards.

The woman asked him about his career, to which he said, “a hawker that sells desserts & chee cheong fun.”

How picky are you?

Of course, the man expressed his interest in things between them blooming, but the woman subtly said ‘no’.

Out of curiosity, the man asked how picky she could be. She replied by saying:

“I’m not looking for people without a future, like Grab drivers, hawkers, lorry drivers, etc. I don’t want to go through thick and thin with them.”

She then added:

“I can’t imagine how will things be if I have to worry (financially) about the end of the month, at the beginning of every month with you.”

Later, she expressed her interest in progressing only as a friend with the man, who later accepted the “friendzone” designation and reminded them not to take things too far.

Hawkers make more money?

The anonymous confession has gained attention from the netizens, and they have a lot to say about the conversation, particularly how the woman responded upon finding out she was talking to a hawker.

“The hawkers that I know make a lot of money. You haven’t seen enough, little girl. Stay single then,” a fellow netizen jibed.

“People might not look at hawkers but once you know how much they earn, you’ll be surprised,” quoted another.

A few advised the man not to even maintain the friendship with the aforementioned girl, given her negative perception of other people’s careers.

Finally, a netizen whose mother is working as a hawker actually revealed how well his mom is doing:

“My mom is a hawker who managed to raise my siblings and me and pay off the house loan. A hawker makes more than five figures every month if the business performs well.”

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