Maserati driver whose car dragged cop will have luxury vehicle forfeited to the state

Feb 27, 2023 | 🚀 Fathership AI

Singaporean driver of a Maserati, Lee Cheng Yan, will have his car forfeited to the state following a 2017 incident in which he dragged a police officer for over 100 metres.

  • Lee was convicted and sentenced for driving under disqualification and other offences.
  • Repeat offenders convicted of driving under disqualification must forfeit their vehicles under the Road Traffic Act.
  • Lee was already serving time in jail for multiple charges, including voluntarily causing grievous hurt to a Traffic Police officer.
  • Lee was driving under disqualification when he dragged the officer who was trying to stop him.
  • Lee was sentenced to a further jail term of one year, nine months and 16 weeks for driving while under disqualification in 2022.
  • Lee pleaded with a High Court judge to reduce his sentence in January 2023, but his appeal was rejected.
  • Lee's sister previously claimed that Lee had pledged the car to their elderly parents to repay legal fees and support his daughters in Japan.
  • The Deputy Public Prosecutor rejected this claim and said offenders should not be allowed to transfer ownership of vehicles to avoid forfeiture.
Source: The Straits Times

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