Man creates 'NBCB' burger brand after his pregnant wife craved for a 'CB'

Nov 24, 2021 | 🚀 Fathership

The Covid-19 dining restrictions may have affected some F&B businesses, but it also inspired new ones. Like the home-based Nothing But Cheeseburger (NBCB), which is started by full-time insurance manager Tommy Wong, 35.

The father-of-one with another son on the way is quick to clarify that he’s “not a professional chef, just a passionate foodie”. He came up with his sideline after he experimented with making cheeseburgers to sate his pregnant wife Janice’s cravings.

According to Tommy, he had to “run around Singapore to tapow food” for Janice as the expectant mum was then unvaccinated, and the couple also could not dine at eateries as a family of three with their young son due to the Phase 2 measures.

“Nothing But Cheeseburger” made from scratch

His home-based business shares the same cheeky acronym as a certain Hokkien swear phrase. The “Nothing But Cheeseburger” name came about as Tommy had asked Janice what she wanted for lunch and she replied, “Nothing, cheeseburger.”

As there were limited burger options around their neighbourhood, Tommy decided to make his own cheeseburgers from scratch for his wife, who ended up “loving it so much” that she encouraged Tommy to sell his version from home. After “experimenting with more than 80 burgers”, he launched NBCB, which comes at an especially apt time since gourmet burger chain Omakase Burger has closed down.

As his home kitchen is “tiny”, Tommy focuses on offering only “no gimmick” homemade cheeseburgers, which come with “flame-grilled smoky handmade beef patties” layered with lettuce, tomatoes and a slice of cheddar between toasted buns. The single-patty NBCB CB goes for $10.90.

There’s also a ‘DCB’ double cheeseburger with two beef patties for $14.90.

You must eat the burger in “more than eight bites”

The burgers are simply dressed with a smear of mustard as Tommy wanted them to “not be overpowered by any sauces”. Ever the purist, he also recommends customers not to add any extra condiments to their burger and “have it in more than eight bites because it allows you time to actually taste the burger’s full flavour”.

Only sold on weekends

As Tommy has a full-time job in insurance, he only cooks on Fridays and Saturdays (Sundays are for his family, he says). The burgers are sold via a lunch slot (12pm to 1pm) and dinner slot (6pm to 7pm).

Due to the limited slots, NBCB is almost fully booked for November and December, “with some slots left”. Tommy announces additional slots via Instagram whenever they are available. Currently, he offers customers the option of islandwide delivery for a $10 fee, or self pick-up at his home.

Leong Mun Wai pulled a 'Raeesah Khan' in Parliament on Telegram hearsay

Jan 13, 2022 | 🚀 Fathership
On Tuesday (Jan 11), Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member Leong Mun Wai claimed that he received feedback from residents, "that some teachers have already practised vaccination diferentiated safe management measures in schools".

When asked by Education Minister Chan Chun Sing to name the schools and teachers involved, Leong backpedalled and said that the feedback was through Whatsapp and that he would need to ask 'his' residents before making a clarification. He later disclosed that the feedback originated from a Telegram group called SG Concerned Parents.

After a terse exchange between Chan and Speaker of the House Tan Chuan Jin, Leong admitted that the chat group messages did not name any particular schools.

Indranee: When you make allegations against teachers and just cast it out there, you must be able to substantiate it

Leong's response drew a rebuke from Leader of the House Indranee Rajah who admonished Leong for making unsubstantiated claims.

Indranee rose and said: "When you make allegations against teachers and just cast it out there, you must be able to substantiate it. And that is why Minister Chan (had) asked, ‘Please provide me with the details of which school and which teacher so that the Ministry of Education can follow up'.”

She described Leong’s explanation on Tuesday as an attempt to “grandstand” or make broad speeches that have no bearing on the details requested by the Education Minister.

Leong Mun Wai another Raeesah Khan?

In August last year, Raeesah shared an anecdote in Parliament about details of a rape case she alleged was mishandled by the police. She later admitted to lying about the anecdote.

In 2014, Workers' Party MP Faisal Manap also made an unsubstantiated claim alleging that when he was a counsellor, he came across a couple who were having housing issues and advised to file for a divorce by the Housing and Development Board — so that the wife would be eligible to buy a house under the Singles Scheme and she could subsequently remarry her husband.

He later apologised for not verifying the authenticity of his anecdote.