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Malaysian employers given 3 months to arrange proper housing for foreign workers: Ministry

May 28, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
PETALING JAYA - Employers have three months to make arrangements and provide proper accommodation according to guidelines for foreign workers in all sectors, says the Human Resources Ministry.

Prior to this, the Act only covered accommodation and housing for workers in plantations that were more than 8 hectares and in the mining sector.

With the amendments, the criteria has been extended to all sectors that provide accommodation and housing to foreign workers.

The amendments were also to enhance the 2018 foreign workers accommodation guidelines prepared by the Peninsular Malaysia Labour Department, which encompass minimum standard living space, basic amenities as well as safety and hygiene elements, which need to be prioritised by employers.

"The ministry also agrees with the views of the Malaysian Medical Association on the need to prepare standard operating procedure to enable the implementation of the minimum housing and amenities standards for workers in all sectors in the country," he added.