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Malaysia still uses 'Hydroxycholoquine' cautiously to treat Covid-19 patients

May 26, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
PUTRAJAYA: The Ministry of Health is constantly monitoring Covid-19 patients receiving treatment using anti-malaria drug 'Hydroxychloroquine' to detect any possible side effects.

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said Malaysia is still cautiously administering the drug to treat patients.

"Hydroxychloroquine' has been used for over 40 years to treat malaria but it is used as an off-label to treat Covid-19 patients now,'' he said at the daily briefing on Covid-19 today."

He said healthcare experts are in the midst of gathering data for the proposed study on the effectiveness of 'hydroxychloroquine' to treat Covid-19 patients.

"The experts are still studying how to prevent existing side effects and avoid high dosage. Let us wait for the literature review which will be issued by the World Health Organisation in mid-June," he said.