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Law allowing tiger, pangolin farming risks 'fuelling demand'

Jul 12, 2020 | 🚀 Fathership
YANGON Conservationists have warned that a sudden change in Myanmar's law allowing the commercial farming of tigers, pangolins and other endangered species risks further fuelling demand in China for rare wildlife products.

Conservationists say commercial farming, in the long term, legitimises the use of endangered species and fuels market demand.

"Commercial trade has been shown to increase illegal trade in wildlife by creating a parallel market and boosting overall demand for wild animal products," conservation groups World Wide Fund for Nature and Fauna & Flora International said in a joint statement.

Myanmar's ability to police the trade is disputed, say environmental groups, who fear the country risks following in the footsteps of Thailand, Laos and Vietnam, which have lost much of their wildlife.

Conservationists fear the rule change risks undermining all the progress Myanmar had made in recent years to end the illegal wildlife trade.